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Frequently asked Questions:


What is a columbarium?

A Columbarium is a group of niches, typically within a wall of brick, stone, granite, marble or other materials, that contains the cremated remains of the departed.


Can I reserve a niche before I purchase it?

We do not have the facility to reserve niches.  Niches will be sold on a “first come first served basis”.


Can I purchase one niche to hold the ashes of more than one person?

Each niche is sufficiently sized to hold the ashes of four people.


How much does a niche cost?

At present a niche costs £1000.00. This can be paid in one lump sum or by monthly standing order over a period of 10 or 20 months.


Are the any additional costs involved to have ashes interred?

 As at graveyards, where there is an opening charge for each grave, currently there is an opening charge of approximately £50 each time ashes are interred. It is important to know that the cost of the niche DOES NOT cover the funeral, the urn or the cremation.


Can I place flowers at the niche?

Yes, however, the trustees reserve the right to remove or destroy decorations which they deem to be unsightly or objectionable.


Can I purchase more than one niche?

 Yes, however, one person may purchase a maximum of 6 niches.


Can I purchase niches which are beside each other?

By checking the layout of the vaults it is possible to do so, but not always guaranteed.


Can I visit the columbarium at any time?

The columbarium will be open as often as the Church is open for remembrance and prayer. However, in the interests of safety there may be times when the columbarium will not be open (e.g. night time).


Do I have to be a Parishioner of Saint Vincent de Paul to be eligible to purchase a niche?

The sale of niches is available to the parishioners of the local parishes within the North Belfast area and any person with significant links to these parishes.


How much notice is required before an interment can take place?

We will require AT LEAST 72 HOUR’S notice of an interment in order to make the necessary arrangements.


Is there any ceremony before the ashes are interred?

Ashes are usually interred after Mass and there is short ceremony beforehand.


Who will place the urn into the columbarium?

The urn will be placed in the niche by parish staff.

Use the links below to download an application form and important regulations of use:

Prayer Garden and Columbarium at Saint Vincent de Paul Parish

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